Story by Blake Parker, transcribed by Bob Pierce

I remember when we did this court case in San Francisco. Bill Patrick and I had worked together in the field for 25 years I guess, you know. We’re just the best of friends. Well, I was testifying for the government and he was on the other side.

I’d not seen Bill in about a year and he came into the courthouse and we were standing up there – all lined up leaning against the wall. Here comes Bill down the hallway. Well, I just walked out there and we shook hands and we were going to start talking.

Well, the attorney run up there and grabbed me by the arm and pulled me away from him and said: “Do you know who that is?” I said: “Yes I sure do.” He said: “Well, he’s working for the other side.” And I said: “Well, I’ve known him a lot longer than I’ve known you.” And he said: “Well, I hope you don’t tell him anything that we’re doing.” And I said: “Well, I hope you don’t think that I’m that stupid.”