Advanced Technical Courses

 These courses provide advanced training in wetland science.
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Advanced Hydric Soils Online with Field Practicum

3 days: 8 hours online (at your own pace), 16 hours in the field. Informed insights and a focus on field techniques and proper documentation should greatly improve the participant's command of the Field Indicators of Hydric Soils, a major aspect of t…

Charles Newling

$850.00 $800.00

Problematic Delineation Seminar

Professionals with multiple years of experience in wetland delineation work directly with WTI co-founder and instructor, Charlie Newling, to improve understanding and techniques recommended for problematic delineation situations.…

Charles Newling

$650.00 $600.00

Riparian Habitat Restoration for the Arid Southwest

Learn the basics of habitat restoration/replacement of functions and services for wetlands and riparian areas. Class covers fundamental elements of site selection, preparation, and installation essential to successful restoration planning.…

Larry Sward

$775.00 $725.00

Sample Online Courses

Preview online courses to get a feel for the course content and teaching style. If you have additional questions, please contact our office at or 877.792.6482.…

Robert Pierce