In-person Courses

The following courses are offered in-person.

Basic Wetland Delineation (2020)

Register for 2020 courses by January 17, 2020 for early bird rates. Learn the basics of wetland delineation in one week. This is a five day, face to face course with classroom lectures and field practicum. 40 contact hours.…

Basic Wetland Delineation Refresher Course (2020)

Register for 2020 courses by January 17, 2020 for early bird rates, get started with your course anytime after December 9, 2019. The field practicum portion of our course, Basic Wetland Delineation Online with Field Practicum, is open to those who ha…

Federal Wetland / Waters Regulatory Policy (2020)

Register now for early bird rates (good through 1/17/2020) and choose from locations and dates listed for this in-person course. Federal Wetland / Waters Regulatory Policy provides the knowledge that is necessary to proceed through the US Army Corps …

Identifying Grasses, Sedges, and Rushes (2020)

This part lab and part field course is designed to give participants the knowledge and familiarity necessary to identify members of these difficult families. Participants will learn vocabulary, work extensively with keys, and hone dissecting skills. …

Problematic Delineation Seminar (2020)

Register by 1/17/20 for early bird rates. Professionals with multiple years of experience in wetland delineation work directly with WTI co-founder and instructor, Charlie Newling, to improve understanding and techniques recommended for problematic de…

Woody Plant Identification (2020)

This three day course is designed to provide the practical skills needed to identify woody plants throughout the year in both leafy and non-leafy (winter twig) conditions. Participants will learn the necessary leaf, twig, bark, flower and fruit feat…