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Wetland Training Institute, Inc. (WTI) provides training in wetland delineation, soils and hydrology, wetland construction and restoration, plant identification, mitigation banking concepts, and other riparian resource issues.

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Why choose WTI?

Wetland Training Institute instructors have been actively involved in the development of the technical procedures, manuals, policies, regulations, and judicial decisions that are the backbone of wetland science and wetland regulatory programs.

We offer three course formats to meet your needs: in-person, online, and hybrid courses with online lectures and a field practicum.

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Online and in-person courses


What our participants say…


“Instructors were awesome! Course was awesome! A LOT of information, but good information, that I would not have learned anywhere else.”


“Very informative class. I would recommend to anyone that has to do 404/401 permitting applications including wetland delineations and mapping. I appreciated knowing what the regulators will be looking for from previous regulators.”


“It was useful to be able to re-listen to slides as I progressed through the online course. That was a benefit compared to a live course. If I missed something or did not understand, I could “rewind.”


“I just finished the Advanced Hydrology course. It was an excellent course and I learned a lot, both theoretical and practical. Very well done.”


“The instructor knows the 1987 USACE Manual inside and out and is an expert in the field of wetland delineation. I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to expand their knowledge on the subject.”


“I use the Nationwide Permits Complete book on a daily basis and find it extremely valuable. Thank you for continuing to offer courses and such materials to the public.”

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