In-person Courses

The following courses are offered in-person.

Basic Wetland Delineation Refresher Course

The field practicum portion of our course, Basic Wetland Delineation Online with Field Practicum, is open to those who have had a full, basic wetland delineation course in the past and want a refresher on field practices. …

Beginners Plant ID for Wetland Delineation

A one-day field course designed for individuals new to plant identification necessary for conducting wetland delineations. Basic terminology critical to plant identification will be covered. The learning objectives of the course will be for the stud…

Federal Wetland / Waters Regulatory Policy

Learn to proceed through the US Army Corps of Engineers permit process with minimum cost and delay. Progress from a basic understanding of what the federal laws, regulations, and policies require and how the judicial decisions have affected them to …

Problematic Delineation Seminar

Professionals with multiple years of experience in wetland delineation work directly with WTI co-founder and instructor, Charlie Newling, to improve understanding and techniques recommended for problematic delineation situations.…