Graminoids (Grasses, Sedges, Rushes) ID for Wetlands and Wetland Delineators

Course Overview

This three day plant identification course was developed for wetland delineators and others needing to recognize and identify graminoids in wetlands, especially species likely to be seen in the field during wetland delineations. The course will be taught via live online instruction. Plant materials will be shipped to you before the course so you have those for reference.

During the lab portion of the course, participants will be introduced to sufficient plant terminology to enable them to use regional floristics keys and the internet to identify graminoid species.  A waterproof field guide and USB drive of color, labeled images illustrating essential graminoid features and characteristics will be provided.

24 Contact Hours, Instructor: Thomasson.


Tuition cost:
(early bird rates when you register by 1/18/2021)

Your Course Includes

Waterproof Field Guide and Electronic Resources

Receive a waterproof field guide and a thumb drive of color, labeled images illustrating essential graminoid features and characteristics for reference after the course.

Plant Lists

Your instructor will provide plant lists that will assist you in identifying plant species you are most likely to encounter in the region.

Instructor Interaction

WTI instructors are available to answer specific questions during and after your course.

Frequently asked Questions

Where is the specific location or venue for this course?

This course will take place ONLINE via live instruction.

Does this course apply towards my certification program?

Your certificate of completion can be used to document instructional hours received in this topic. You should contact the specific certifying agency or association directly to find out how they will assess or credit this WTI course. Typically, our courses are accepted by all state and national certifying agencies and associations; however, you should confirm that with the specific certification program to which you are applying or renewing.

Course Location

Date Location Register by Location
May 26 – 28, 2021 ONLINE FULL – CONFIRMED
August 18 – 20, 2021 ONLINE REGISTER NOW



Dr. Joseph Thomasson is curator of the herbarium at the Sternberg Museum of Natural History at Fort Hays State University. He has taught classes in aquatic biology, botany, dendrology, flowering plant taxonomy, and grass taxonomy for 30 years. Each year since 2002 he has served as a senior plant taxonomist consulting to the U. S. Forest Service, the NRCS, and a major mineral resources corporation.