Demystifying Wetland and In-Water Permitting in Washington State

Course Overview

Learn how to identify which environmental laws apply to which wetland and water, including the statutory foundations and agencies of jurisdiction.  During eight hours of in-person instruction we will review the applicable federal, state and local regulations and what constitutes a “complete application” for the respective agencies.  The focus of this course will be on putting together a permitting application that minimizes delay and ensures a timely review.  We will discuss common errors in permit applications and how to address challenging situations encountered in the field through case studies.  We will also focus on the submittal requirements for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Seattle District Nationwide Permit Program, the state wetland rating forms and the JARPA form.  Learn how to distinguish the different regulatory ordinary high water marks and make an initial jurisdictional determination, including associated wetlands under the Shoreline Management Act.

Receive electronic copies of the User’s Guide for Nationwide Permits in Washington State, 2017, the state wetland rating systems for eastern and western Washington, Determining the Ordinary High Water Mark for Shoreline Management Act Compliance in Washington State, a list of commonly used regulatory acronyms, and Lecture Notes.  Instructor: Erin Page.


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Course Location

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October 15, 2024
Bellingham, WA area CANCELLED


Erin Page, PWS

Ms. Page has more than 20 years experience in ecological analysis and permitting. Currently, she works with the Public Works Department and is responsible for authoring permit applications and submittals and performing consultation that relate to NEPA, SEPA, Army Corps, Department of Ecology, WDFW, USFWS, NMFS, SHPO, THPO and local County and City permits.

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Course Curriculum

  • Whose Jurisdiction Are You In? (Federal, State, Local)
    0 minutes
  • What Waters Are On Your Site?
    0 minutes
  • What Work Will Your Project Require?
    30 minutes
  • Putting the Permitting Application Together
    30 minutes
  • The JARPA
    30 minutes
  • The Permitting Process
    30 minutes