*Updated on 02/01/2021*  Here is the link to the new version of the MWAM for your use: https://app.mdt.mt.gov/weas/ Please be advised that due to new security protocols with this new version of the MWAM form, you will need to create an OKTA password and account to logon to use the MWAM. Please add this site to your web browser and initiate your OKTA security account as soon as possible. This security will protect you and the information that you are inserting into the MWAM form. Please send this link to others who may utilize this form in conducting wetlands work across the region.


The following is an IMPORTANT UPDATE for users of the 2008 Montana Wetland Assessment Method (MWAM): MDT is in the process of updating the current Electronic version of the MWAM form located on the Montana Department of Transportation’s website, whereby the old form will be terminated on January 31st, 2021. The reason for this termination is that the supporting software and data operating system will no longer be available for the old electronic MWAM form to remain functional. As a result of this termination, on February 1st, 2021, a new version of the 2008 MWAM will be put into production and will be available to utilize for conducting new wetland assessments very much like the old form.

You will need to update your weblink to the new electronic version of the MWAM form after February 1st, 2021 in order to access it. To assist MDT and ease the transition from the old to the new form, please complete and save all MWAM’s now being prepared or conducted on the old form prior to these dates as none of these forms will be available after that date. These will be purged from our database after the switch to the new form and will no longer be available to access.

The updated application will be found by clicking the Montana Wetland Assessment Method Electronic Data Form link at https://www.mdt.mt.gov/publications/manuals.shtml in the Environmental section, the Montana Wetland Assessment Method link at https://www.mdt.mt.gov/business/contracting/environmental/wetlands.shtml, and also the MWAM-Electronic Data Form link on the MDT intranet site http://mdtinfo.mdt.mt.gov/environmental/ in the Resources Section. If you have further questions please contact Larry Urban: , 406-444-6224.

[Excerpted from Montana Wetland Assessment Method website and email alert received from the Montana Department of Transportation]